About Us

Whire helps companies hire great people faster through its platform and a top tier community of hiring ambassadors, saving companies hours on pre-screening and outreach efforts as well as thousands of dollars on job ads and agency fees without compromising candidate quality.


Speed up hiring with direct referrals from trusted professionals

Whire's mission is to help companies find qualified talents quickly, scale job referral programs, fight bias, and enhance diversity.

Only 27% of all hires come through referrals. We offer a way to change that.

Referrals programs have outstanding results yet we limit them to employees
Internal referrals replicate cultural, socio-economic and religious backgrounds
Agency recruitment fees are outrageous, disintermediation will greatly reduce costs
The hiring funnel should start with high quality, vetted candidates
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Why Referrals?

It's all about trust

Faster Time to Hire

46% of companies hire referred candidates within one month

Better Odds

Referrals boosts the odds of a successful job match by 2.6% to 6.6%

A Human Experience

Referrals are consistently ranked as the number one way people look for jobs

Cost Savings

Companies save on average $7,500 per referred employee
Our Story

Born in Singapore

In the last 10 years, the founder, Benjamin Marsili, has led multiple design and software development squads to craft iconic digital products and support their implementation and operationalization.

When covid-19 came, stringent border control measures made hiring a nightmare for many organizations. That's when the founding team came together and designed, together with expert users and advisors, a new model for sourcing candidates.

Thus Whire was born.


A Borderless Network

Whire is currently operating in South-East Asia and Western Europe. But our team works from multiple countries. We are not bound geographically.

The Whire network of hiring ambassadors spans dozens of countries, while we plan to grow in other locations, our best networks are:

The Netherlands
The United Kingdom

Media Resources

Whire is open to media enquiries from news outlets, bloggers, and streamers. Feel free to get in touch via our live chat for more information.

Our Press Kit contains various useful resources which can be used only with our express consent. If you plan to publish a piece on Whire, kindly reach out first or email chat@whire.net.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Check-out our FAQ to answer any other questions about how Whire works. Feel free to use the live chat to ask any question!

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