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Venture Builder

Design Thinking
Project Delivery

Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer | Vue/Node.js (€60k-85k + stock options)


Earn Exciting Cash Rewards

You referral is successful once the candidate you referred cleared his or her first 90-days of work at their new job.

For Singapore: SGD 2,000 per successful referral
For Vietnam: VND 12,000,000 per successful referral
For the Netherlands: EUR 1,500 per successful referral
For the United Kingdom: GBP 1,300 per successful referral
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Your account will get suspended if the referral quality is too low. Think hard and refer only serious candidates to earn additional perks and stay on top.

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As soon as new jobs are available, Whire will notify you through an automated email. Check out the job details and decide whether or not to refer this job to one or several great candidates in your network.

Get Your Personalized Job Referral Link

When viewing the job details you can copy the referral link. You can send this link directly to your contacts anyway you want (email. WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.)

Candidate Applies (Or Not)

Your candidate(s) may decide to apply directly on Whire. After signing-in with LinkedIn, their profile information is directly synchronised. It takes 1 minute to apply for a job on Whire.

Submit Your Referral

After one of your candidates applied, you will be prompted to write a few words to describe the nature of your relationship and why you thought he or she was a great fit for this job.

Application Sent To The Hiring Company

It's out of your hands now! Let the hiring company and the candidate take it forward. You will be notified of the outcome. If it works out, you can expect to receive your reward within the next 90 days!

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5 types of profiles

A Diverse Community of Peers

professional thinking hard

Razak Muneer


After graduation, Razak joined the Alumni reunions and started getting involved with community and the school.

He learned about investment opportunities through the network and is realising the value and power of networking.

connect people to amazing job opportunities
find more exciting networking opportunities
professional woman

Helen Garcia

Experienced Professional

Helen is talented and landed a great job at one of the most successful companies in the world. She is constantly exposed to great people and know them intimately.

Her network expands even as people switch jobs, learns new skills and meets new colleagues, clients and partners.

Keep in touch with people who left her company
Help people willing to switch jobs find their dream job
suit wearing man

Carlos Moore

The Business Networker

Carlos is everywhere, he attends all the Chamber of Commerce events, even co-hosts some professional meetups and is both involved in the startup scene as well as the established business world.

He loves networking and help people meet, make deals and find win-win situations.

Gather and share insider information
Stay up to date with the community and the industry
coder coding

Tom Mitnick

The Expert

Tom has always been a hacker at heart. He regularly contributes to OpenSource projects, reviews whitepapers and reports security issues to vendors on his spare time.

He loves his community and made a name for himself in it.

Contribute and grow his influence over his communities
Use his community knowledge to get opportunities
woman smiling

Amber Price

The Marginalized Professional

Involved in the community, Amber is part of what others describe as minority groups. She stands-up for a fairer treatment and fights discrimination in all its forms.

Amber puts in efforts to help shift mindsets and tip the scale for the community she represents.

Walk the talk on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Promote and help people from her community

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Check-out our FAQ to answer any other questions about how Whire works. Feel free to use the live chat to ask any question!

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An Exclusive Network

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Alvin Teh

Internet Tech & Business Maverick

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Jared Dandridge

Consulting Director

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Leandro Oliveira

Systems Security Engineer

view on linkedin

Dr. Armande Pola Fossi

Senior Strategy Consultant

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