The platform to hire, pay and manage anyone, anywhere

Skuad enables you to employ a truly remote and diverse team. Hire and pay your talent, wherever they call home. Skuad has everything you need to effortlessly manage the entire employee lifecycle.


Borderless Employment

Whire partnered in 2022 with Skuadin order to elevate the recruitment experience for candidates, and recruiters.

Managing a globally distributed team can be challenging, but Skuad has you covered. Design your talent requirements, streamline virtual onboarding, understand local employment and strategize people management with Skuad's people ops experts. Skuad partners with you at every step of your global employee and contractor lifecycle.

Take care of your team with country-specific benefits packages. Provide relevant benefits in 160+ countries to keep your team healthy and motivated.

With Skuad:

Instantly onboard new hires anywhere in the world
Run global payroll securely and with a single click
Stay 100% compliant with local employment laws
Manage benefits, work permits, timesheets, and more

Hire and pay exceptional tech talent globally, compliantly

Skuad’s EOR platform enables businesses, big and small, to easily employ tech professionals in 160+ countries and make cross-border payments in 100+ currencies.

With the upcoming talent crunch, businesses must look elsewhere to hire. They must therefore establish a borderless culture that starts with how and where we choose to hire.

Regardless where talents are, recruiters and businesses must build a attractive yet efficient recruitment pipeline that allows them to access the best talents. Together, Whire and Skuad enable this by making candidate sourcing and employment streamlined, simple and fast.

When it comes to recruitment, don't outsource, but invest.

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