Testlify: The Finest Talent Assessment Platform

Recruiting is complex, time-consuming, and risky. Take the stress out of finding the best candidates with deep analysis that’s accurate, automated, and unbiased. Make hiring exciting again.

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Hiring Excellence

Whire partnered in 2022 with Testlify in order to elevate the recruitment experience for candidates, recruiters and hiring managers.

With Testlify:

Save hours in sourcing and screening of candidates while keeping a modern and simple experience for great candidates.
Remove biais from decision making by ensuring all candidates are assessed fairly, whether they come from employee referrals, Whire's referral network or more traditional sourcing channels such as LinkedIn and Indeed/Glassdoor.
Smartly trigger assessments based on the role type and seniority by leveraging the many integrations with the best Application Tracking Systems (ATS) on the market.
Champion a data-driven HR culture

Hire the best, every time, anywhere

Borderless Hiring requires a shift in culture within HR teams, we are proudly bringing to you our partner, Testlify, not only to encourage recruitment teams to invest in their operational efficiency, but more importantly, to innovate and stay ahead of the curve.

With the upcoming talent crunch, businesses must look elsewhere to hire. They must therefore establish a borderless culture that starts with how and where we choose to hire.

Regardless where talents are, recruiters and businesses must build a attractive yet efficient recruitment pipeline that allows them to access the best talents. Together, Whire and Testlify enable this by making candidate sourcing and screening streamlined.

When it comes to recruitment, don't outsource, but invest.

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