Coding Girls Singapore Is Building Bridges Between Women In The Tech Industry 

October 6, 2022


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Benjamin Marsili

Benjamin Marsili

Founder & CEO

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Whire and Coding Girls are joining their forces to create new opportunities. But, you may have a few questions regarding the two communities, here are informations that might interest you. 😊

Who Are Coding Girls?  

Coding Girls is a Singapore-registered non-profit organization that plans to fight gender bias across the tech industry. 🇸🇬

Their platform aims to build bridges between women working in the tech industry. They support women who want to learn more about tech and related skills. 👩‍🔧

Coding Girls support the growth of women in technology through regular talks🎙 that feature successful women in tech. This is a great opportunity to make connections, encourage networking and learn more about how technology can be a career path for women. 👩‍💻Coding Girls aims to inspire a new generation of women to pursue careers in this industry.

Coding Girls has introductory courses designed for women to learn the skills they need in order to be competitive in the workplace. 🤼‍♀️They provide a platform where learners can practice their knowledge, build confidence and unlock opportunities in the digital world. 📀

This community empowers women to pursue their dreams, gives them a network of support, and provides them with social opportunities they can take advantage of.

In a nutshell, Coding Girls has two goals: 1) empowering women to achieve their potential; 2) helping women create knowledgeable and competent workplaces where they can thrive and be successful. 💃Coding Girls is standing up for gender equality across the tech industry.  

We greatly encourage you to visit their website and join ☄️

Who Is Whire?


Whire is an external referral platform that helps companies to find talents. We love recruiting, and we want you to be as successful as possible. 🥁

We’re passionate about helping companies find new talents. By connecting with other recruiters, our hiring ambassadors can help find the perfect match. 🎯

Not only will you save time with our advanced search tools—but your hires won’t have to worry about breaking the bank on staffing costs, either! 💸

Our solution provides you with a network of hiring ambassadors that care about delivering serious profiles and reviews for every candidate. ⛓

Our community is diverse, offers performance data and reviews, and helps our network to grow. Being fair and transparent are our core values. 

If you are interested, here is the link :

How Whire Supports Coding Girls SG? 

We strive to empower and promote women. Bringing a sizeable female presence into the work and tech spaces, we believe that it will lead to better work experiences for both men and women, improve retention rates, and reduce gender bias issues in the workplace. 🚀

We believe that our network will be a significant help as we have always ensured that our hiring ambassador community was as diverse as possible.🌐

We are confident these ambassadors will continue to be helpful as we pursue to expand our hiring scale. We are committed to hiring global leaders 🏆through our channel and help them to have better visibility globally and also a great network to be used later in their career growth. 

It’s an excellent opportunity for Whire to further our mission and hire a diverse set of candidates and build a diverse set of experiences within our network. 🥳 We are very grateful for that and we are thanking Coding Girls to help us in this manner. 

What Can You Do To Help? 

We are delighted to announce that you can now take action! Yes, you, behind your screen! 👩‍💻🧑‍💻Come on, don’t be shy! 

-If you are a Coding Girl, join the community on Facebook  and get involved! 🥳

- if you are a recruiter, check out Whire and start hiring for tech roles in Singapore on our platform

- otherwise spread the word!🤝

DON’T GO YET! We are organizing an event with Coding Girls! Register now and add it to your calendar to not miss it !!🥁

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