Don't forget about your ex-employees, they're your best advocates and referrers

October 6, 2022


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Benjamin Marsili

Benjamin Marsili

Founder & CEO

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In the highly globalised times of today, companies and organisations face higher employee turnovers than before. Gone are the days when employees would work in the same organizations for years and climb their way to the top, now, we see the trend of growth in different organisations till you reach the top.

So, with the increased frequency of employees joining and leaving, how can organisations benefit from this?

Organisations should learn to benefit from their ex-employees or employees who are no longer a part of the organisation since not all employments terminate in bad blood. Instances of this are employees willingly resigning since they are getting relocated or married or wish to follow another path in life.

Usually, employees who end their employment on good terms, end up becoming the best advocates and referrers of the organisations.
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How do ex-employees act as advocates?

Ex-employees can act as “advocates” of the organisation by supporting its action, even after not being a part of it any longer. They can even promote it by urging others to join it/ use their products even when they do not gain anything from those transactions.

Seeing ex-employees talk positively and promoting their ex-organizations can motivate individuals looking for roles in the industry to join these organisations, which in the long run creates a positive aura for the concerned companies.

If organisations face public scrutiny, ex-employees acting as advocates can jump in and help restore the image of the organisation without being asked to or without gaining anything out of it.

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How can ex-employees refer others?

Having already worked in the organisation, they already know the business and all the requirements and prerequisites the job entails and thus know more than enough about who the right fit can be for the job.

Unlike other consultants and recruiters, there is a high possibility that they would not charge the organisation for referring others since this would be more of a gesture on their part rather than a transaction.

This would also imply that the quality of their referral is assured since they are not influenced by the money and do not want to earn just a quick buck.

Reaching ex-employees for help is fairly easy as well since they are directly available in the HR teams’ networks and do not need to be sought after or shown the ropes again.

How do we ensure ex-employees become our referrers and advocates?

By maintaining a good relationship with your ex-employees even after they resign, you can ensure that even if they don't refer anyone to the organisation, they'll talk about the brand, the company, the work and the product around them, they will end up becoming your advocates again and spread a good word around.

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