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October 6, 2022


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Benjamin Marsili

Benjamin Marsili

Founder & CEO

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Why Whire is the best external referral platform? 

Wanted vs Whire 

Wanted is a Korean company, operating in Singapore as well, their main focuses are on recruiting, career growth, matching businesses to freelancers, and sourcing talents. As you may understand, Wanted has different services, whereas Whire is focusing on only one specific goal: ✨find the perfect talent for you.✨ And Whire deploys all his energy towards this same goal. 

But do you know what the interesting part? They proceed like a recruitment agency, which is a major difference from Whire. It’s a distinction evoked in the service agreement of Wanted : “The company shall pay WANTED a fee of 7% of the total first year’s fixed annual base salary of the Hired Candidate”.  🤓While, Whire charges only the moment the candidate is hired and stays in the company for 30 days. Whire doesn’t ask for a percentage of the new employee’s salary :  it’s a one-time payment. 🥳

So in a way, we could say that Wanted is a recruitment agency mixed with a job board. What’s more, Wanted doesn’t make a real focus on a referral community. At Whire, we care about having a real relationship with our Hiring Ambassador and creating a community that will help both the candidates and the companies. 👭 In conclusion, Wanted model is not that different from a recruiting agency, not even cheaper… 🤑When it comes to quality, they don’t have competitive advantages over other job boards

Solidate vs Whire 

Solidate is a platform that sources freelancers for businesses. They are growing their network by referring talents and gaining “tokens”, which are in fact money. They have the same concept as Whire, except they are limited to freelancers. Whire is providing an extensive network of full-time employees. Thus, Solidate and Whire focuses are different.  🚀


Next Station vs Whire 

Next Station helps and encourages people that have a need to work in another country. 🌐They have job propositions in France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Japan, Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Malta, Czech Republic, Romania, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil, Slovenia, Mexico, Finland, Norway, Poland, the United States, Singapore, Australia, Switzerland, and Ireland. 

Referrers on Next Station platform earn 500 euros, which is not aligned with most employee referral programs. Whire is proud to offer a $ 1,500 referral because it reflects the quality of our network and the value of the jobs posted on our platform. ⭐️

Next Station mentions "You can check your dashboard at any time and see how many people clicked on your links." And do you know what we think about that? Next Station is encouraging people to mass post and deepen their jobs ads. It’s against what we believe in at Whire because it does not rely on real relationships with the candidates. In a sense, Next Station does not have a fair knowledge of the people who are applying for the position. Thence, the chances of having a fit are much lower. 

Refer vs Whire 

Refer is a new external referral platform that will help people connect. The service is completely free, which means you can post any job and ask for help or look for a job without paying a penny. Their service is available on a mobile app which is easier to access. As it is brand new, the platform and network are not as developed as Whire’s system and they don’t have many job propositions for the moment. Besides, they offer referrals like sales or partnerships which leads to less targeted outreach and a less relevant community. Think about it…while you probably know people around you looking for jobs, you don’t necessarily know someone looking to purchase a specific business solution. 👭So again, we suggest you to use Whire. 🥳

Jobsrefer vs Whire 

Jobsrefer has the same concept as Whire and operates in Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Adding to that, they offer help to write CVs. The referral reward is set between $100 to $500. So you may imagine that posting a job on this platform is cheaper. And you are right! What we say to that is that our reward is $2,000 and it’s because we are prioritizing high-quality jobs.🤩Jobsrefer also lacks a proper community. Jobsrefer hires enough recruiters in-house to hunt candidates. And yet, they are not able to scale their network and deliver what they have promised: referral-powered recruitment.

But what’s the impact on businesses, you may ask. It means that Jobsrefer has a less significant reach than the others. They don’t have prior knowledge of the candidate by the referrer and scalability to absorb a higher volume of jobs throughout the region.

Jobs007 vs Whire 

Jobs007 is an Asian referral-based job app platform that maps the workforce to employers on demand. However, their applicant and referees will get money from the referral which is a unique feature in the market. The applicant will receive between $30 to $500 and the referral is fixed to $30 to $1,000. At Whire, we care about providing a reward to the referrer only, as he is putting his reputation on the line to help a business to find the greatest employee. 🥰 Jobs007 requires you to get in touch with them to get started, with opaque pricing and unclear terms of services. With Whire, you get started instantly and consult our pricing on : https://whire.net/pricing. 🥳

Pare vs Whire 

Pare is based in the United States. Pare also believes in the strength of referrals and they are right to do so! However, Whire is based in Singapore and spreads its wings in Asia, and embraces borderless hiring to allow hiring companies to tap into the best and most diverse talent pools available in the region. ⛓For that, we suggest you to join Whire! 

ReferReach vs Whire 

ReferReach is an external referral platform of referral that help to connect people, they are prioritizing the interaction that people can have between themselves. But Refferreach let their community interact with each other without any real direct communication with their team. They can be contacted only through email. Whire pays much attention to being highly reachable! You can contact us through email and social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok. If you prefer not to switch tabs, when you are on https://www.whire.net/, you can directly send us a message in the chatbox on our website. 🎙The Whire team is here to serve you and we are doing everything we can to answer any queries you have in no time 👂and provide the best experience for you! 

TrustRecruit vs Whire 

TrustRecruit is a third-party AI system that ranks job seekers, based on their “background and reference checks”. They specify on their website that they can conduct drug tests or psychometric tests. They use a blockchain technology system, that assesses job seekers' professional details they put on the platform. This solution is for employers and recruiters and they can pay fees to be able to see some of the resumes that could match the job proposition. It’s a slight difference in concept but at Whire, we believe in people and the power of networking. After all, dashboards and AI are important tools but we have the conviction that these tools should be used in a symbiotic relationship with humans. Whire is here to create a real community that will grow into a network sufficiently large to help every person on it. 👭

ReferHire vs Whire 

ReferHire is doing the same activity as Whire, except that posting a job is free and they claim to have a network of professionals in more than 90,000 companies. At Whire, we care about delivering serious profiles of candidates along with their referrers whose profiles are provided with performance data and reviews. Therefore, we are aware of the smaller amount of people in our network, but we are proud to guarantee a unique trait that only Whire has which is : the reliability of our candidates.   💪

In addition, ReferHire let employees or representatives of companies post jobs for free, which means that they let their existing members apply for these jobs. Yes, you see the point! This is not real referrals because members don't know each other and are not able to vouch for each other through a referral.

This concept is not far from a job board where the jobs come from employees trying to increase their reach. "We enable you to custom-build your hiring network by helping you identify and engage peers in specific companies of interest to you." They refer people they don’t know which defeats the purpose and principle of employee referral programs. 

Tribe vs Whire 

Tribe is a network of 600 Referrers in 51 countries. But when you want to register in the platform, you have to enter your position, you have the choice between a small number of positions, which are Software Engineer, BI/Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Designer, Product Manager, Marketing, Program/Project Manager and Operations. Tribe focus on Silicon Valley only, they aim to find people to hire globally instead of focusing on the local talent pool. However, if your company is hiring for different roles or is outside of Silicon Valley you may need to check out Whire instead. Once again, the sky is the limit in terms of opportunity at Whire and we will not limit ourselves to one specific industry. ☄️

Whire’s mission 

At Whire, we know that recruiters are looking for a fast way to find new qualitative talents. And it is something we can help you with, through our network of hiring ambassadors.  

We care about delivering serious profiles of candidates along with their referrers whose profiles are provided with performance data and reviews.
The diversity of the hiring ambassador's community helps our network to grow and find the right fit for you. 

Being fair and transparent are our core values, that’s why you are free to change your mind and be reimbursed if your hire leaves within the first 30 days.

We hope we have convinced you and motivated your choice to choose Whire! Thank you for reading us, and we hope to see you soon! 🥳

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