Fighting For Diversity In The Tech Industry

October 6, 2022


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Benjamin Marsili

Benjamin Marsili

Founder & CEO

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👯‍♀️Workforces Management says that companies used billions of dollars on diversity and 68% of businesses declare that their teams in the tech industry lack of diversity. 

🌐Diversity in tech is essential for businesses that want to stay relevant to their customers and are competitive in the talent market. An inclusive workenvironment offers opportunities for growth and achievement to a broader range of works.

Diversity is a critical aspect of business success. 💪Hiring diverse candidates with different experiences and backgrounds is a way to tap into the entire talent pool, add value to the company, and increase long-term employee retention. The statistics paint a clear picture of the challenges women face in finding equal footing in a career in the tech industry.

According to the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT), women represent 47% of the working force in the US. Still, only 25% of these women are working in the tech industry. Still in the US, only 5% of this number are Asian women, Black women represent 3%, while Hispanic women counted for 1% . 👩‍💻

Nevertheless, the tech industry is most likely to close this major gap in the coming years. Deloitte Global gave the forecast that companies will have a representation of 33% women in 2022, which is 2 points higher than in 2019. 🎉

In a world where women are still under-represented in tech, a 2% increase may not seem like much. Technology companies have made tremendous progress in improving diversity. But while this progress is a step in the right direction, going forward, tech companies may need to work even harder to increase the number of women and minorities entering the field.

Women faced many difficulties such as the employment gap, the degree gap, the retention gap, the workplace culture gap, the representation gap, the pandemic gap, the founder gap, the pay gap and the IT leadership gap. 📺

Nonetheless, we can still prevent this gap from widening by rethinking human resource practices, and highlighting diversity efforts when changes are made. Rethink the work/like balance in allowing women to work from different places and create support groups/communities as the one Coding Girls started. 

If this topic is interesting to you, we greatly encourage you to watch the event “Job hunting In the Aftermath of Covid-19” recording. 🥳

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