How to Be a Digital Freelancer in 2022

October 6, 2022


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Benjamin Marsili

Benjamin Marsili

Founder & CEO

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In recent times, especially with movements like the Great Resignation , we are seeing a surge in people leaving their current jobs or starting their careers by becoming digital freelancers and business owners.

According to a report by DDIY , There were 57 million freelancers working from home in 2019, of which 75% of freelancers say that they wouldn’t trade their freelancing job for other types of work.

So, the question arises, How should one become a digital freelancer?

  1. First, ensure that the skills you have can be applied digitally

If your industry is not focused on digital transformation and has less reach on digital media ( although in today’s time that is very rare), then that can prove to be an obstacle for your career progression.

  1. Enable your professional network and connections in a way that you see growth and can eventually expand as a Start-Up.

You can do this through various apps and media by collaborating with people and asking them to display your work. Most importantly, word-of-mouth and other forms of referrals from your previous employers (backlink) and clients can help you expand your network.

  1. Build your resources and infrastructure

Before venturing into your operational activities, as a digital freelancer you must ensure that you have the correct infrastructure to provide the services you are promising to your clients

. Yes, it sounds great to be a freelance writer working from a beach in Bali, but it would get rendered useless if you don’t have access to wifi!

This also involves having a built system for billing, accounting, HR services and so on, there exist a multitude of systems that can help you with this, they include:

  • Sleek- For quick company incorporation
  • Osome- For a seamless company registration
  • Xero- For a cloud based accounting software platform

  1. Become a part of Communities and Networks

Stay in the know of your industry, make yourself visible with your work and become an avid member in communities of employment for freelancers such as Fiverr, UpWork, Whire

  1. Continue developing your skills

Keep adding to your professional dashboard by taking classes and courses that skill you up for better performance. With a constantly changing, dynamic world, it is very important to update your skills. Gathering new skills can also help in expanding your clientele and sometimes certain clients may even require some training before you begin their work.

Be your own boss, work independently, do what you love and love what you do as a Digital Freelance!

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