How To Integrate Your Recruitee ATS to Whire

January 18, 2023


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Benjamin Marsili

Benjamin Marsili

Founder & CEO

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What are the benefits of linking Whire to an ATS?

Recruitment Operations greatly benefit from a streamlined process where multiple sourcing channels are handled through a single tool: the ATS.

Once the ATS integration is completed:

  • Whire will retrieve the jobs available from your ATS: allowing you to select easily the jobs you'd like to broadcast.
  • When you close or archive your job from your ATS: Whire will automatically stop broadcasting the job to the community and stop accepting new applications.
  • New candidates will appear directly in your ATS: you can hire or reject them directly from your ATS, Whire will automatically let the referrer and candidates know about the outcome.

In short: you would only need to go to the Whire app to select which jobs you'd like to broadcast and select the geography where you'd like to source candidates from. Leave the rest to us and check regularly on your ATS candidate pipeline and your professional email inbox for notifications related to new applications and referrals from Whire!

How do I integrate Recruitee with Whire to import jobs?

After signing up, you would have received an email with the link to set up your integration.

Step 1: Follow the link

Important: the integration link expires after 7 days. To receive a new one, get in touch with our support team via Live Chat.

Step 2: Select your ATS

That's the easy part, type in the name of your ATS and then select the ATS by clicking on it.

Step 3: Consent to the access rights

Whire and will acquire read/write access to your candidates and applications as well as read access on users and jobs.

These are the strict minimum requirements for the integration to function.

Step 4: Enter your subdomain information

Depending on your ATS, the instructions may differ here. You may expand the how-to section of this screen for more detailed instructions on how to retrieve the required information from your ATS.

For Recruitee, you will find the information at:

Step 5: Get the API key of your ATS

Not all users have access to this feature in the ATS.

If you are not able to find the key yourself, contact your IT team, the recruitment manager or the system owner to complete this step.

Step 6: Allow a few hours for our team to complete the sync

We analyze your ATS set-up to ensure your recruitment stages are in sync with our systems.

This allows us to detect when a candidate received from Whire was hired in your systems.

You will receive an email once the integration is confirmed.

Step 7: Broadcast your first job from Whire!

Using the link "Look for new jobs" on your Whire dashboard, select the jobs you'd like to broadcast from your ATS.

Select the job you would like to broadcast, if the job is not available, click "Look for new jobs":

Select the market/community you would like to involve with the search:

Accept the reminder about fair employment practices (equal employment opportunity guidelines) to broadcast the job:

That's it! Now you can easily manage candidates and jobs from your ATS.

Why can't I post jobs to Whire directly from my ATS?

Entry-level jobs or jobs in geographies not yet supported would not be a good use of our amazing community!

Think about what jobs would really benefit from a high-quality referral from a trusted peer, then broadcast only these types of jobs on the platform.

Retrieve candidate applications from Whire into your ATS

Now that your job is live, you should start receiving candidate applications and referrals directly into your ATS.

Here is how it all happens.

Step 1: The Whire community is notified that a new job is available

Jobs are broadcasted based on the job parameters and the communities you have selected. The network is immediately notified by email and mobile app push notification once a new job is broadcasted.

Step 2: Referrers invite candidates to apply

Using their personal referrer link, members of the Whire community will reach out to their network and invite potential right fit to apply. Once their candidates apply, referrers are notified by email and need to submit a personal recommendation to explain the specific reasons why their candidate seems to be the perfect fit for the job.

To learn more how referrers can invite their connections to apply, see:

Step 3: Candidate applications get sent directly to the ATS

Using the candidate's LinkedIn information, Whire generates a CV PDF including the referrer's recommendation and submits it to the ATS.

The Picture, Full Name, and email of the candidate are available.

Step 4: Candidate gets hired/rejected on the ATS

Whire is able to automatically synchronize with the ATS and detect when candidates get hired or rejected.

If a Whire candidate is hired:

- The candidate status is updated on Whire

- Whire notifies both the referrer and the candidate, congratulating and informing them about the outcome of the referral

- An invoice is automatically generated and sent to your Billing Contact

- The referrer receives their referral reward

If a Whire candidate is rejected:

- The candidate status is updated on Whire

- Whire notifies both the referrer and the candidate, informing them about the outcome of the referral

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