The Science of Networking and How to Become Memorable

October 6, 2022


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Benjamin Marsili

Benjamin Marsili

Founder & CEO

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What is Networking?

For most people networking is going to events and mingling to share information and promote their own businesses, it is more about opportunities than actually making a connection, at least in the most common opinion. However, if we really think about it, Networking is about being memorable. It is about leaving a lasting impression which would get people interested in you and make them want to listen to what you are saying and what you want to promote.

Why should we network?

Having a network not only involves being part of social events, but also maintaining a professional relationship with important people who can help you out. If people stop networking, it would be very hard to break the ice amongst most corporations and would be awkward to create alliances as well. The following are the benefits of networking:

  1. Networking makes you visible 

The more people from your “target audience” know about you and your organisation, the more likely you are to collaborate with them and strike important deals which lead to important relationships. Especially for up and coming start-ups, networking is crucial to be visible and have people talk about them and drive attention and traffic towards their activities 

  1. Networking gives you access to enhance your career

Through your network you can meet people from all kinds of professional backgrounds, so in the case that you want to make changes in your profession, change jobs or even industries, having someone from your network back you up always helps. On the other hand, from the perspective of someone who is looking to hire other people, finding people who fit the job description of the role you are trying to fill within your network saves a lot of time and effort that would've been spent on searching for the right person for the job.

  1. Networking improves your social standing and reputation

When it comes to the reputation of the organisation, it is often highly dependent on the senior employees of the organisation. If these employees of management are well resourced in their networks and maintain good relationships within it, the social standing and reputation of not only them as individuals, but also of the organisation increases, especially in the inner circles of the specific industries.

  1. Networking broadens your horizons 

Having a rich network with professionals who are at a well-standing in their organisations and industries provides you with their pool of knowledge as well, which you can take advantage of whenever you’d like, for example if your network includes prominent names in field of IT and your company is looking to expand into tech or make deals with people in this industry, taking help from your network to know what the industry norms are could prove advantageous.

How should we network?

The following are some tips on networking :

  1. Attend online or offline social events which include professionals from different fields
  2. Do not be afraid to make the first move and approach people you are not acquainted with.
  3. Make a lasting impression and make yourself memorable by mentioning impressive achievements or other details  along the same lines
  4. Do not overdo it, plan strategically about who can help you and who all you can help too, not everyone can be a part of your network
  5. Do not forget that it is a 2 way street, if someone helps you out make sure to return the favor 
  6. Focus on making a personal connection initially, and not just making a sale. Do not adopt a sales pitch style but rather a professional and friendly one

Challenge yourself

Find 3 traits or experiences that make you memorable.

Making an introduction to someone new

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